This Oyster Can Keep Its “Pearl”

The beats of “Pearl Remix” create the image of a club scene filled with flashy strobe lights and hundreds of sweaty people rubbing up against each other. Although It would have been much better without Tamar-kali singing. Without her voice it is a song that you probably hear at a beach party, with her it sounds like an older woman screaming at a bunch of kids to get off her lawn.


A Song that Left Me with a “Head”ache

Radiohead’s new song, “Lotus Flower, is the kind of music you would hear in a mental institution. A slower and more horrible version of the music of Fatboy Slim and their song “Praise You.” The music that would accompany a deranged dream that was brought on by an acid trip. By the end it will leave you with a headache that leaves you thinking “why in the hell did I listen to that?”