Mark Cuban Says In Radio Interview: “If I think the ethical thing is to vote the other way of the 29 other guys, I will.”

On May 29th  Mark Cuban said, during an interview on Spike Lee’s radio talk show on SiriusXM NBA Radio[1], concerning the vote to oust Donald Sterling, that if he had to vote differently than the other 29 owners he would have. Here are some highlights (or lowlights depending on your opinion) of what he said:

“I don’t know. If I think the ethical thing is to vote the other way of the 29 other guys, I will. I haven’t made up my mind on anything because I don’t know all the details. I’m not going to jump to conclusions. It’s not fair to the process. Mess up the process and then he (Sterling) has a lawsuit forever. I’m not going to know until I hear the presentation (June 3). What he (Sterling) said was awful. It was horrific, it was racist. There’s no place for it in the NBA, but it’s not going to force me to make up my mind without hearing all the facts. When all this went down, I was probably the only owner that sat down with all my players and we discussed everything. Everything. Everybody’s gotta be careful because everything has changed. And that’s the slippery slope, part of the slippery slope I talked about. We’re all going to be held to a different standard going forward.”[2]

From what I can surmise from his words he feels that even though he might disagree and even find disgusting what Sterling said he wants to protect himself on two fronts. The first being that if the league were to conduct things too rapidly and mess up anything with the legal process then Donald Sterling could have legal grounds to sue the NBA. The NBA has lawyers and so does Sterling, and if he wanted to he could drag this issue on forever. That, in turn, could look bad for the league and affect the owners bottom lines. Mark Cuban is not only an NBA owner, but he is also an entrepreneur and business man. He may see voting to oust Sterling as a bad business move in the long run. The second has to do with setting a precedent. Again, even though what Sterling said was reprehensible, Cuban may want to guard himself and other owners from having their team possibly stripped from them because of something they said in what they thought was the privacy of their homes.  The words don’t necessarily have to be racially charged, but it could be a myriad of things from having affairs or having arguments with your spouse. If the NBA decided to say that those supposedly private actions hurt the image of the league, could the owner then be stripped of their team?

To hear the complete segment click below or follow the link:



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