Queenie and the Chocolate Factory

Cioccolato, Schokolade, chocolade, cokolado, chokolade, czekolada, choklad, coklat, cikkulata, sjokolad, suklaa, 巧克力, الشوكولاته, チョコレート, 초콜릿, sô cô la, seacláid, siocled and teòclaid; These are some of the different ways to say CHOCOLATE.

Count Chocula

I love chocolate what else can I say? At least once a day I will eat or drink something that is either made from chocolate or has chocolate on it. Ever since I was a baby I can remember drinking chocolate milk. I love chocolate no matter what form it comes in; whether it is cereal, candy bars, ice cream, cookies or milk.

Cocoa Pebbles

I am aware that I have an obsession with chocolate and, if there was a chocoholics anonymous program my family would have an intervention and try to get me in. However, I wouldn’t go because I am okay with my addiction and I don’t want to get rid of it.

Once my parents said to me “you are addicted to chocolate why don’t you try something else” and I said “I can either be addicted to drugs or chocolate which one would you prefer.” The conversation was over.

I Want a Chocolate Bunny! Get me one PLEASE!

There are many benefits of chocolate. After all, it is made from plants. Some of the benefits include flavonoids, which are antioxidants that help slow down the aging process, nitric oxide, which slows down blood pressure, fuels endorphin production, which provides a sensation of pleasure, acts as an anti-depressant, has theobromine and caffeine which stimulates your system and last but not least it tastes great!

Contrary to popular belief chocolate does NOT cause acne!

If vegetables tasted as good as chocolate I would actually eat them.

MoMA Cookie YUM YUM!!!I was recently invited to the Museum of Modern Art where after my tour I had a full course meal, but it wasn’t like I actually ate most of it. The majority of it was vegetables and Panini’s. What I really ate was the chocolate chip cookies at the end. They were hot and good.

I also went to Petite Abeille (401 East 20th Street), a Belgian/ French style restaurant, and their hot chocolate was awesome!

Some of my favorite chocolate brands include Hershey, Lindt, Nestlé, Ferrero Rocher, and Russell Stover. I have always wanted to try Godiva Chocolatier but they are so expensive; who do they think I am, Willy Wonka?

Chocolates in Heart Box


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