Nothing Like a WASP to Make You Come Running

What is WASP? A film revolving around a young single mother dealing with four kids. Set in the UK from the outset it is obvious that she is struggling with the job of being a mother. Having already seen the film I watched it not from a perspective of digesting new information, but trying to understand what I had already consumed. Even though in a short film sense the mom was the main character of the film for me the eldest daughter was the star. The little girl took on the role of the mother while the mother behaved more like a repressed teenager. I understand that she is a single mom and being a single mom is a tough job; it is like having two full time jobs and never receiving a paycheck. However she was the one who decided to have four kids. The children had no choice of what kind of mother they wanted. Throughout the entire film I was wondering about how the eldest child was feeling. She is young and she should should be playing with toys and being lost in her own world. She should not be having to deal with adult issues. As I am writing this write now I am so hungry so I can relate to the children when they said they were hungry. I want some McDonald’s too.

Having known people in the mother’s situation myself I am torn. I feel for the kids but I also somewhat feel for the mom. Like I said before being a single parent is the toughest most unforgiving job in the world, but then saying that I feel like I am excusing the mom from her poor choices. I feel that that mother truly loved her children as is evident at the end of the film, but she didn’t have the necessary skills to deal with her situation.


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