England Loses 4-1 to Germany As Controversy Looms

One of the favorites to win the 2010 FIFA World Cup was sent home on Sunday when England was bested by Germany, losing 4-1. In soccer terms that’s what’s called a blowout. The game’s first goal was scored by Germany’s Miroslav Klose 20 minuets into the game. Germany went on to score again in the 32nd minute with a goal by Lukas Podolski. With England being down two they would go to cut that deficit in half when England’s Matthew Upson scored a goal in the 37th minute of action.

Controversy would soon come into the game when England thought they had scored the tying goal that would then be overturned. It began when England’s Frank Lampard scored what seemed to be the goal that tied the game 2-2 in the 38th minute. However, referee Jorge Larrionda called it a non goal because he either felt or had not seen that the ball had broken the plane. During the second half Germany would all but seal England’s fate when Thomas Mueller went on to score two goals within 3 minuets of each other, one in the 67′ and the other in the 70′ and close the win for Germany.

The talk centers around allowing replays for goals, which in my opinion is a good idea. It’s not like there is going to be ten goals in a game and you would have to review all of them. Ten goals in a game would be an anomaly. Lets be honest at the most there would only be two goals to review and in this new sports age where mistakes that can make the difference between winning and losing can be fixed why not. The NBA, NHL, NFL, Tennis and even MLB all have replay in various degrees. This will be something that FIFA has to look at if it wants to save any credibility to its sport to its fans as well as newcomers to the sport.

On the issue of using replay FIFA spokesman Nicolas Maingot said that FIFA would begin censoring replays in the stadium after in the game between Mexico and Argentina the Mexican players began to argue after seeing on the screen that Argentina’s Carlos Tevez was offside when he scored a goal in the 26′, which therefore meant that the goal should have been disallowed. Nicolas Maingot went on to say that replaying that was ” a clear mistake” and that “[t]his will be corrected and we will have a closer look into that”,…”[w]e will work on this and be a bit more, I would say, tight on this for the games to be played.” In my opinion that sounds like ten steps back.


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