My Take on the NBA Draft

There are many things I am not a fan of in sports: steroids, golf, curling, the NFL draft. One of the other things I’m not a fan of happened yesterday June 24, 2010… the NBA draft. Sitting there for hours hearing names read off is not exactly how I picture spending my day. Just so you know, point guard John Wall from Kentucky was picked first over all by the Washington Wizards. Five years from now most of the players in this draft will be described as “busts” by NBA analysts. Some of the former “busts” include Kwame Brown (drafted in 2001 in the first round first overall by the Washington Wizards), and Nikoloz Tskitishvili (drafted in 2002 in the first round fifth by the Denver Nuggets). I don’t think I need to say anymore. The truth is it is not about who is drafted or where; true talent is explained on a court. The draft is similar to playing the lottery.  You might hit it big in the first round or the first time you play the lottery, but most of the time you won’t. The NBA draft, like the lottery, is a crap shoot. In my opinion whoever watched the draft, unless it was you’re job, wasted valuable hours in your life that you can never get back.


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