Higher Baseball Ticket Prices: Not Fair To The Fans

Published in The Ticker: Thursday, April 30, 2009

With the current state of the economy, many baseball teams lowered ticket prices this season. That is, except the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. These organizations seem to be living in its own world, oblivious to the current economic crisis.

The start of the 2009 baseball season didn’t only consist of a $1.3 billion new stadium for the Yankees and a $600 million stadium for the Mets, but also raised ticket prices for its fans.

At the new Yankee Stadium, the premium ticket price was an astounding $2,625. While the Mets’ Citi Field ticket prices are much lower, they are still highly priced at $695 for certain games. Season ticket packages aren’t any cheaper.

For the teams’ fans, it seems to be a toss between paying the rent and buying a ticket. Both teams are abusing their power, especially the Yankees who think that they can set their ticket prices as high as they want and attract fans to come through the turnstiles as they always have.

Three weeks into the season shows that is not reality. Most, if not all, of the higher price seats at Yankee Stadium have yet to sell. The Mets are having much better success with their lower ticket prices.

It is time for New York’s baseball teams to realize that the economic crisis is real and if they don’t lower their ticket prices they will be turning away even their most loyal fans.

New York baseball stadiums have gone from stadiums where everyone can enjoy a game and create memories to high price restaurants that exclude many.  As a very loyal Yankee fan, I am very disappointed by this situation.

For all the money they want us to pay for their tickets, they aren’t giving us equal value. Three weeks into the season the Yankees have an average 10-10 record and were recently swept in a three game series by their archrivals, the Boston Red Sox. Does that seem like a fair trade to you?